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Burgundy wines

From vineyards that we cultivate with care to the wine we produce with passion, we respect the long family tradition and that's how we can pass all the years knowledge from father to son.

In Côte d'Or, we will always have the greatest pleasure to welcome you in our cellars and make you try our Bourgogne wines such as Cote de Nuits-Villages.

Good tasting !

In Burgundy,
The Habit wants that one begins
A Meal while wishing with his table companions
Bon Appetite and broad Soif

My God
Give me Health a long time.
Love from time to time, Money sufficiently.
Job not too often... but
Of Burgundy all the time

Wine is one of the great human achievements to transform a perishable fruit something permanent. (John Arlott)

If wine disappeared from human production, I think it would be in health and in the understanding of our planet an empty, no more ugly all the excess of which is made guilty. (Charles Baudelaire)

Wine is the expression of my passion for the land where I was born.

It is a permanent research, constant.

The perfect combination of soil, grape variety and winemaker.
(Alain Brumont)

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