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Côte de Nuits - Villages

- Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) -


This appellation is common to a number of villages. It extends, fully or partially over 400 ha.

  • Brochon
  • Fixin
  • Premeaux-Prissey
  • Comblanchien
  • Corgoloin : 84,40 ha


The average harvest is 6000 to 6500 hl of red wines.
Although it is possible for white wines to exist, practically none is produced.


The "Pinot noir" is the vine for this appellation.


The dispersion of the different parishes producing the Cote de Nuits Villages produces a certain degree of variety for this appellation, from fairly soft and rich wines in the south of the production area, to more tannic wines with a strong structure in the north.
Although well coloured, these wines have flavours of red and black fruit, often of liquorice, or most always of animal flavors.


Owing to their diversity between vintages, the Cotes de Nuits Villages have the advantage of offering a very broad choice in the styles available. The wines in the light and soft ars can develop to their apogee in 3 to 6 years, and the more structured wines in about 15 to 20 years.


All the qualities of the ripe wines will be respected by serving them at about 15° C. The younger, slightly less softened wines will be better appreciates at cellar temperature. Ballon-type "Burgundy" glasses will be of great service in the visual examination and appreciation of the flavours.


When the wine is soft and fine, it will be preferable to serve Cote de Nuits Villages with grilled or roast red or white meat, game birds, fine cheeses.
When the wines are maore tannic, meats in sauce, vernison, marinades, eggs "meurette", and traditional cheeses, will all worthy accompaniments.


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