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Fornerol's Domain

In 1987 Didier Fornerol learnt the winemaker's work with his father, then continued his apprenticeship in full time at another winery. He became the owner of the whole domain in 1996.

Today, thanks to his know-how, Didier Fornerol performs all vine works with passion: cutting, growing, trellising, harvesting and treatments. Mr. Fornerol controls operations from winemaking to bottling to which he takes great care to get to make you appreciate his wines for his greatest pride.

Because he's a rigorous and demanding man, Didier Fornerol can perpetuate the Burgundy wine's quality tradition.

The domain is occupied by 6 hectares and 50 ares of vineyards located in the Corgoloin village.

  • 3 Ha 50a of Red Côtes de Nuits-Villages
  • 80a of White Côtes de Nuits-Villages
  • 1 Ha of Red Burgundy
  • 80a of Bourgogne. Hautes Côtes de Nuits
  • 20a of White Burgundy
  • 40a of Bourgogne Aligote
  • 35a of Bourgogne Passetoutgrain

Since 2011, The Fornerol’s Domain in Corgoloin (Burgundy), also offers a sparkling wine. The vineyard management is rational control (minimal use of treatment) and a short pruning on young vines is done to limit the performance.

In order to be more efficient and improve the quality of our work, the field has acquired new equipment: a juicer, 2 stainless steel tanks and a conveyor belt.


The harvest time is a moment of friendship and conviviality. The faithful people are present from year to year and we also welcome new people.

During one week, we are a big and beautiful family, and work together in joy, so we can forget back pain and rain.

Find the Domain Fornerol at the following address :

15 place de la Mairie - 21700 CORGOLOIN
Tel : +33(0)3 80 62 93 09 - E-mail :